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The spit-roasters Cuisines Design are electric or gas.That depends on the request of the customer, of his possibilities of food and the safety requirements that this one must respect.

The preparing of the apparatuses is carried out with the will of the customer: Enamel black or color, stainless, decoration brass or nickelled.

Thanks to gas, the flames produced by the slopes located at the base of hearths are propagated until in top of those by ceramic fibre bouquets: their reddish glow creates the cordial environment of the grill room.It is for this reason that more and more of restorer asks to have their spit-roaster in room to make a hot spectacle like formely.

The machine can also be equipped with doors out of triplex glass if the customer wishes to expose to the exterior in order to attract a demand more increased very for preserving safety, the saving in gas...

The drive of the pins is done using chains they same entrainees by an electric motor built-in in the body of the spit-roaster.

Do not hesitate to subject your ideas of various products to us be rotir so that we can produce pins adapting to yours needs.       

        When one has an artisanal spit-roaster manufactured by Cuisines Design, one saw true the gastronomie.this last will be integrera as well in a rustic decoration as modern.


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