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         As said brillat-Savarin: "the grill room is defined like a demanding art, for y exeller, to have receveid a gift of nature of it".


          The grill room is thus an art : art to cook with the pin in front of a burning fire of vine shoots, embers, or thanks to gas or electricity any kind of food such as : various meats, poultries, game, eggs, fish, shellfish, rolls, ....


        We can stress that this art attracted as well the witness as the gastronomist.


         Let us recall that the grill room often allowed the dispenser pleasures of the people of organizing "advertising" feast in the form of monstrous roasts carried out with the pin on public places for corser the rejoicings of the kings or emperors.


         In spite of this glorious passed, the art of the grill room owner was forsaken little by little because the material was also attractif only formely. For this reason us : CUISINES DESIGN, and this since 1993, we wish to contribute to the restoration of this art which had its good share in the fame of the french kitchen. While observing over these 11 years of existence, us summons ourselves returned account that many be the restorers who whish to use our artisanal products in the single goal to make grill room a "spectacle of formerly".



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